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Rick Kirkham is a dual certified teacher and certified substitute teacher in Honolulu Hawaii. This means Mr. Kirkham knows HOW to teach, tutor and train you in computers, cell phones and tablets. There is a HUGE difference in having knowledge and being able to transfer that knowledge to another individual in a fun and effective manner.

Testimonial for in home and onsite computer, cell phone and tablet trainer, tutor, virus removal and repair specialist J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. of Honolulu Hawaii covering all of Oahu.

You’re the right onsite computer training, preventative maintenance and repair client for Rick Kirkham and team if:

  • You service your car before the transmission drops out while you’re driving

  • You get a physical hopefully before the heart attack

  • You cannot afford expensive downtime on your computers, tablets and
    cell phones

If any of the three apply to you and your Oahu based business call or text me now for a professional computer cleaning 808.224.1870, Mainland U.S.A. text only due to time differences.

Sorry But Antivirus Software is Simply Not Enough

I once had a guy say to me, “I don’t think I have spyware. My computer’s not acting any different.”

I replied, “It would be pretty bad spyware if your computer did act different.”

I see my in office computer clients every four to six months. I ...

Remove PUPs (Possibly Unwanted Programs) from the memory. This memory is used to run software, the operating system, websites and streaming videos.

Freeing up this memory makes everything LOAD FASTER!

Clean out temporary internet files

Delete tracking cookies

Remove spyware before it steals your or your clienteles’ information

I’ll see something or hear something that may mean nothing to you, yet may be an important symptom of an issue which would cause your computer to crash to me.

I’ll see something which may indicate to me you have spyware in your computer. Most spyware bypasses your antivirus software disguised as normal programs nowadays.

Many of my mobile support clients tell me it’s like HAVING A BRAND NEW COMPUTER after a professional cleaning!

Sometimes the computer is twice as fast as it was before cleaning it. No, there isn’t one single piece of software to do this for you regardless of what the international companies with multimillion dollar advertising budgets try to convince you of their single product solution. It’s the right combination of various applications combined with experienced, professional eyes.

I’ve gained the respect of my peers for my tenacity in removing items which slow down my clients’ computers and removing viruses and spyware before they become issues.

Backups and Syncing BEFORE The Computer Crashes

I’ll help you setup automatic backups to the cloud or your external backup devices. Syncing between team members, computers and mobile phones is a MUST nowadays. A paper calendar simply will not suffice in the 21st century business market.

Video - Getting the Most from Your Mobile Phone

Scan business cards instead of inputting all that information by hand

Keep your schedule updated. You’re setting up at least some appointments off site. You need to see the up to date company calendar. Even if it’s just you and your spouse running your Oahu based business, mistakes can be made without an up to date calendar costing you money and giving you negative word of mouth advertising.

Save time and just put it in your phone once. Like any computer you should only have to type something in once. I know which apps to use to make your mobile life simple.

“I left that file at the office!”, is something you should never have to say with the right syncing system for your mobile phone.

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I Know The Right Free Services and Software

I’m very frugal. Having been in computers since 1993 (no the gray hair is not from being married), I know what free services and software are as good as or sometimes better than paid services and software. Just as importantly, I know what not to buy and what not to download for free.

For example, did you know OneDrive, Microsoft’s free and paid cloud storage has free Microsoft applications which look and work almost exactly like the computer based Office 365 version?

Did you know OpenOffice is the most popular free Microsoft compatible office suite?

Did you know Google Drive, Google’s free cloud storage has online applications which can import and export Microsoft Office files?

This is why having me, Rick Kirkham, as your primary computer consultant and repair expert will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu call or text 808.224.1870

“How Much Do You Charge Rick?”

There’s an old saying. “Pay cheap, pay twice.” I charge $95.00 per hour for check or credit card or $75.00 per hour cash or prepaid. Being one of the best puts me in high demand. Don’t delay in securing your appointment time so I can help you with your computer or device challenge.

Oahu Call or Text 808.224.1870 to reach In Home and Onsite Computer, Tablet and Cell Phone Tutoring, Repair, Virus Removal, Setup Specialist by Trained, Dual Certified Teacher, Computer and Internet Expert, website designer and SEO expert J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.